To Hit

The goal of this sight is to provide teachers with the resources to expose their students to some types of Non-Western music.  The cultures chosen here are ones that To Hit has gleaned a lot influence from.  The information presented here is in no way a complete picture of these vast musical traditions but hopefully enough information and resources to expose students and provide them with direction for future exploration. 

May I suggest "World Music Fridays" where there may be a departure from the normal rehearsal schedule to do a bit of world traveling.  A small talk about some of the main concepts along with the recommended videos and discussion about what the students thought would be a great addition to a school music program.  It may even spark a deeper interest in some of these cultures musical traditions. 

 A word about art appreciation-                      

                                              Appreciating music (or any art) is like looking at the ocean. 

You can look at a picture of the ocean 

and think how beautiful it is

Just as someone can listen to a recording and 

understanding nothing but that it sounds enjoyable

You can go to the ocen and see the vastness of it

feel the breaze and smell the salt

Just like someone can go to a live concert 

and be engulfed by the sound 

You can wade into the water

You can start to learn an instrument or sing

You can go out in a boat until 

you can't see land

jump out and dive in the depths

This is like the masters 

who embody their craft on a deep level

Any point on this spectrum is valid.

The picture of the ocean is beautiful

and music just for the sake of sounding cool 

is worth listening too