To Hit

To Hit's sonic palate spans the globe from India, to the Middle-East to the middle of Michigan.  If you are interested in writing for our instrumentation we would be happy to check out your piece.  Feel free do download the file on the right to see the specific instruments and technology we have available to us.  If you have any questions please contact us. 

"Mike and Tim's willingness to work with composers and provide feedback in the creative process is invaluable, and their mastery of numerous non-Western instruments provides an exciting opportunity for fresh sounds and timbrel combinations.” 

Kendra Kestner – Composer 

Here is a video describing the basic sounds of tabla.  This is intended for western composers who have had little to no experience with tabla the goal is to introduce the sounds available.  To the right you will find a document that has these ideas written out for reference.  

Because my voice is a little quite in this video I would advise headphones or good speakers.  This will also help in hearing all the bass sounds more clearly. 

To Hit Instruments.pdf To Hit Instruments.pdf
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tabla sounds.pdf tabla sounds.pdf
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Interested in the looping and technology side of what we do?  Mike has been doing a blog on his website of some looping material he has been working with that gives an idea of what is possible. 

Check it out here.