To Hit

to hit's mission is to inspire your students though performance and clinics as well to provide on site instrument maintenance.  

Clinic Topics

World Music:

to hit is glad to share about their music and influences and welcomes questions and discussion.  This clinic will incorporate demonstrations and cultural explanations on the Zimbabwean mbira the Middle Eastern frame drums, with a special emphasis on the Indian tabla. 

Concert Percussion Techniques:

     This clinic is geared towards the high school percussionist on how to get the best sound out of each instrument with a particular focus on frequently overlooked instruments including, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal, tambourine, triangle, and bass drum.

Practice Techniques:

     This clinic is geared towards young musicians in how to make the most out of their practice time. Topics addressed during clinics include, effective methods for  learning a new piece, identifying and refining challenging sections and the benefits of consistent deliberate practice. Examples from to hit's own experience will be used as demonstration.

Percussion Instrument Repair

If we are already coming for a concert why not let us fix a few things.  It could be as simple as tuning a snare drum and tying some cymbal knots or as complex as replacing timpani heads. 

Advantages to having us work on your instruments are: 

-In house repair (so your don't have to transport large instruments and have them unavailable for extended periods of time.)

-We can teach you or students how to do the work. 

Please download our "school packages" sheet for pricing and our "instrument repair sheet" for specifics on repair. 

Instrument Repair Sheet.pdf Instrument Repair Sheet.pdf
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To-Hit’s school performance was exciting and enjoyable. Students were fascinated with the combination of acoustic instruments and sound looping. Tim and Mike did a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating the non-Western instruments they play such as mbira and tabla, too. I would highly recommend this performance to other schools.”   

Melissa Wakeley-Sapienza, Music Teacher, Clare, MI