To Hit

Happy New Year from To Hit!

It has been a busy year for us. Our update from last January was right after we had released our CD and hit the road on tour down to Louisiana.  Aside from the tour we had a number of performances covering the width and height of the mitten ranging  from Petoskey to Kalamazoo and Mt. Pleasant to Sanilac.  

Touring Directory
We were happy to be chosen to be part of the 2012-2015 Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Directory, which is put on by the Michigan Humanities Council.  The directory is an adjudicated listing of artist, performers and storytellers in the state.  Along with the listing comes the availability of grant funding for people who are interested in bringing us in to perform at their school or venue.  

New Music
We are thrilled to have received two new commissions in 2012!  The first piece is called Groove Studies by Andrew Cote and is in three movements using marimba, tabla, mbira and cajon.  We met Andrew at CMU and he did a lot of the mixing and editing on our album.  He has taken some ideas from stories Tim and I shared with him as well ideas from other stories to create the three movements.

The second piece is entitled Jugalbandi 2 by Payton MacDonald for marimba, tabla and a heavy dose of looping.  I met Payton at a summer tabla workshop a few years back and he is someone who has interests in tabla, marimba and looping and we thought, “who better to write a piece for us!”  We are excited to start working on it pushing the electronic side of things a bit more.

We were thrilled to be able to present at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago this year.  Our session was entitled “Exposure to Non-Western Music” and along with it came some significant resources on our website for music educators to present world music to their classes.  We also premiered the second movement of a new work by Andrew Cote entitled Groove Studies. We will be presenting a similar clinic at the Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids, MI on January 19th.

In other news the Mocnys added a new baby to their family this fall and the Lists have moved and now live in Metro Detroit.  The makes rehearsing a bit more challenging but thanks to technology and a good amount of driving the music shall continue.  

Thanks for all your support!

-Mike and Tim